Mark's love for people is what shapes every aspect of how he leads Community of Faith. With degrees in psychology, religion, and Christian counseling, Mark has a big heart for healthy marriages and family dynamics and he believes in imperfect people journeying together to discover God's perfect plan for their lives. Mark sees the church as a family and a place to call home. Through stories and real-life application, Mark's messages bring Biblical truth to life.

Laura is a tireless advocate for the broken and forgotten, setting the tone for the local and global ministries of Community of Faith. Her years of cross-cultural ministry in Mexico City, and her experience as a cancer survivor and a registered nurse, have given her a deep compassion for people and cultures around the world. Whether building a hospital in Burundi, an orphanage in Costa Rica, or encouraging homeless women and children in Houston, Laura's goal is to find where God is at work and join Him there.